Eating Out In The Cotswolds

The Cotswolds has a wealth of great pubs, artisan distillers, brewers, farmers markets and restaurants dotted about towns and villages around the region. The area spans 800 miles and runs across 5 different counties. One of the delights of visiting the Cotswolds is exploring the different areas, each with its own identity, yet all with those defining Cotswold features: golden stone and rolling hills, the ‘wolds’.

We’ve scoured the lengths and breadths of the Cotswolds to find partners committed to generating and serving the best in local produce and turned visiting them into four exciting trails to enjoy during your holiday.

Our Foodie Trail maps highlight 15 independent food and drinks businesses, each handpicked by our team. Everything from gin sampling, to cheese tasting to enjoying a long, leisurely lunch soaking up the scenery. Whether you fancy a full day or a half-day of food-filled action, there’s something for everyone.

With our friends at The Old Stocks Inn we have curated these Foodie Trails to help you start your adventure – we know your tastebuds will thank you for it!

Alongside these recommendations, the Cotswolds are full of amazing restaurants that make the coveted Michelin Guide 2022. Don't just take our word for it but have a look at the Cotswold Gentleman's guide to all things food here:

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